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Specialty Cabinets / Storage / Shelving Systems

  • Specialty cabinets and industrial strength storage systems
  • Racks on tracks (movable storage)
  • Modular drawers and shelving
  • Pallet racks
  • Oversized steel shelving
  • Storage lockers
  • Fire and theft proof storage options

Unique Tool Box / Built In Wall Systems

  • Modular aluminum and steel cabinets
  • Various housing and drawer heights
  • Lock and key systems
  • Custom layout and sizing designs
  • Unlimited color and finish options

Lifts / Racks / Hoists

  • Two and four post lifts
  • Parking lifts
  • Alignment lifts
  • Low, mid and full size scissor lifts
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Vehicle accessory hoists
  • Storage platforms

High Volume Compressors / Airline Integration

  • Moisture management systems
  • Engineered piping layout
  • High horsepower, large scale compressors

High Voltage / Inverter Systems

  • Specialty single to three phase inverters
  • Large equipment request applications
  • 400 AMP service boxes and panels
  • Multi-phase 200 AMP panel boxes

Specialty Waste and Drain Systems

  • Engineered water management
  • Mechanical interceptor installations (grease, oil and sediment separation)
  • Sump pump discharge lines
  • In floor trench drain systems
  • Water safety and control
  • Chemical resistant drains and cleanouts

Cooling and Ventilation Systems

  • IUP based interface control systems
  • Remote operations and efficiency footprint analyzers
  • Vacuum systems
  • Chemical ventilation removal systems
  • Custom heating and cooling zoned systems
  • Smart technology integration

Large Entertainment Displays

  • Fixed large screen displays (110″ plus)
  • Hi-Lumen output projectors
  • Large scale projector systems
  • Custom large scale wall screen paint applications

Specialty Garage Lighting / Control Systems / Fixtures

  • Maximum energy management controllers
  • High volume / high output LED’s
  • Custom facade lighting (exteriors and walkways)
  • Refurbished nostalgia fixtures / retro kits
  • Integrated smart home technology
  • Multi-panel accesses

Movable Glass Panel Separation Doors

  • Multi-panel commercial movable access sliding doors
  • Computer operated motorized activation