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Be it two wheels or four… James Lazok designs, machines, fabricates, welds, drives and races the creations he builds in his own shop and knows the importance of attention to detail and performance. It is through his passion that the “Motorsportworx Homes” concept was sparked.

What are “Motorsportworx Homes”

Motorsportworx Homes are homes built around your individual passion. We design and construct homes with elaborate workspaces and integrated garages. Perhaps you want your vehicle to be on display and in the home itself. We create in home vehicle showroom spaces that can be seen from the living area where you and you friends can relax with a bar, media center and seating. Want a P51 Mustang built into your ceiling, or a ’63 Corvette as the center piece of your living room? If it has an engine… we can make it part of your home.

In addition, we create specialty large scale garages with every amenity you can imagine. Vehicle lifts, work bays, central air for tools, electrical supply for welders and other large draw equipment. Lazok Industries takes your lifestyle and creates a home that integrates your passions into a true motorsport home.


James Lazok Resume

For larger commercial projects such as development / redevelopment in private and public sector works… go to


Project Pre-start Consulting / Feasibility

Real Estate Procurement / Due Diligence

Sustainable Land Use Analysis / Planning

Architectural Renderings / Design

Planning and Zoning Bridge Agent services

Owners Rep / Project Management

Journeyman Skills (All Phases)

Owner / Builder Assistance
Cost Plus Project Management

“Giving Back” By Teaching, Cost Savings and Assistance The “Owner Builder Program” can best be described as a powerful process which provides you with the expert support you need to turn your dream home into a reality. This equates to “hands on” learning in regards to construction codes, correct building techniques, understanding building ergonomics and planning ahead to avoid costly mistakes. Saving money while learning about the steps involved in the construction of your home. Why It Works… Lazok Industries can help you handle every phase of the building process. From planning and design to site acquisition as well as the sub-contractor selection process during the various construction phases of your home. We are there to guide you from concept to completion. With our support, Owner-Builders avoid experiencing frustration and delays that end up with less than satisfactory results. Lazok Industries offers a no-stress, initial meeting to discuss your goals, project, and budget. We work with you to prepare specifications for each phase, assisting you in a detailed and itemized cost breakdown to create an accurate budget. Full design and drafting services are available. If desired, we have extensive experience with energy efficient design and Green Building principles, which will lead to a better performing home and a healthier living environment. Project Management Options Option #1: We oversee the project throughout the “shell” phase, which includes but is not limited to site preparation, foundation and the weather-proofed shell structure. We then turn the balance of the project over to you for completion. Option #2: We provide you with a complete turn-key solution, managing the entire project from inception to completion. Including scheduling, accounting, quality control inspections / oversight, material selection and subs payout approval.

Smaller Projects
Second Homes / Cabins in the pines

What is a Cabin or Second Home?
Lazok Industries specializes in second home cabin mountain properties on complicated sloping lots in highly wooded areas, maximizing any available views or terrain features. Whether you are looking for something small and cozy or a multi-family home or simply looking to remodel an existing older cabin. No job is too small, to large or to remote. Unique, hard to build lots present unique problems and require experienced design and construction techniques. We have overcome these problems for years in Northern Arizona as well as Southern Colorado and continually create dream cabins for our customers with seemingly impossible conditions.

Follow this link to learn more about Lazok Cabins and Second Homes.